My Angel Davis


These poems were all written by me, Tami Bachman, in loving memory of our precious son Davis.

To my Angel

Teardrops glide across my cheeks,
your precious face I long to see.
Your tiny hand I long to hold,
but into heavens arms you go.
Empty arms and broken hearts,
your world ended before its start.
Sadness fills me with such grief.
is there an end that I must reach?
In the Lord I must put trust,
to mend our hearts that have been crushed.
Hush my angel off to sleep,
my love is yours to forever keep.

Our Baby

An angels sigh is softly heard
there is a silencing of every bird.
Dark clouds roll across the sun,
The Lord decides the time has come.
A precious life so new to earth
is taken before his cry is heard.
His mother weeps in heartbroken grief,
His father sobs with disbelief.
The precious baby breaths his last
while lying in his gram mas lap.
His soul was meant for the lord to keep,
but we are left with heartfelt grief.
Hush our baby off to sleep,
we pray the Lord your soul to keep.
Comfort and hold him all the night,
tell him our love will outlast time.

Gramma's Heart

Gramma's heart is filled with love and pride
She holds our baby and softly cries
She rocks him so gentle and sings her special song
She strives to make memories to last her life long
She tells him he is loved and will be for all time
She sits and she prays for the Lord to guide
Patiently she waits for heaven to come
To lead our baby home to the kingdom of God
Grammas heart is full of love but it isn't made of stone
Silently it breaks as God takes our baby home


Our baby boy so precious,
so gentle and so pure.
Our world feels so empty,
our lives feel so unsure.
We never could have expected
that you would have to leave.
that you would not be ours to keep,
except only in our dreams.
Oh my precious Davis.
how we love you so.
Oh how we wish
you would not have had to go.
We miss you more and more
as each day passes by.
My precious little Davis
how I long to hold you in my arms.
How I wish I had the chance
to hold you one more time.


"Silent Cries"

Silent cries heard in the night
wake me from sleep and remove me from time.
A time when you were mine to hold,
to see your sweet smile and feel your heart and soul.
The echoes of that cry bring me to an emptiness that fills my heart,
A time where our worlds seem so far apart.
I strain in the darkness trying so hard to hear
The music of your cry, that I know is not there.
Tears stream down across my cheeks, the emptiness tries to swallow me.
The longing I feel burns so deep inside of me.
My precious Davis how I love and miss you so.
I miss all of the things we should have been able to do.
I miss your laughter that I will never hear.
I miss the chance to be able to wipe your tears and calm your fears.
I miss so many things that I wish we could do.
My darling son your so precious to me.
I will hold you in my heart and love you endlessly.



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